Our Capabilities

Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, IIoT and Big Data is becoming the popular words in the recent years. However, it is a challenge to understand the real meaning beside their benefits including improve efficiency of productions, increase operations capacities, lower cost, faster response to markets and etc.

Availability of information from the shop floors up to Business Levels and vise versa can unlock operations capabilities and could bring those benefits but how to get the information from measuring devices, events and actions through PLC, SCADA, MES and ERP is even more challenging.


The numbers of capable System Integrators who understand both Process Automation Software and Process Manufacturing Applications are also very limited. Selection of the right Automation Software can help reduction of the total project cost, resource and project delivery time. Knowledge in Process Manufacturing Application will ensure the clients will capture the most benefits out of the investment. 

InControl is a System Integrator, specialized in Process Manufacturing System & Automation including PLC, SCADA, MES and ERP integration. We have some proven successful projects from base layers, PLC & SCADA to various MES applications and including ERP integrations. 

With our knowledges and experiences, we can ensure that you will have a successful MES and Industry 4.0 projects within reasonable implementation cost and time frame.


We also have comprehensive knowledge across Upstream Oil & Gas, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Feed Mills, Water, Utilities and Power Generation. 

Give us a call and we can discuss your project.

Our scope of supply includes:



-Front-end and detailed design;


-System development and testing;




-Handover to Operations. 

-Maintenance Supports