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Our scope of services includes:


Assessments, Conceptual, Front-end and detailed design, Procurement, System development and testing,
Installation, Commissioning, Training, Handover to Operations and Maintenance Supports

ขอบเขตการบริการของเราประกอบด้วย: - การประเมินโครงการ; - การออกแบบระบบขั้นต้น; - การออกแบบรายละเอียด - การจัดหา; - การพัฒนาและทดสอบระบบ -การติดตั้ง;  - การฝึกอบรม; - การส่งมอบให้ฝ่ายผลิต - การบำรุงรักษา


Process Automation System


We have the capability to provide automation and control systems starting from simple machines through to complex process control applications across all industrial, infrastructure and building sectors, from Field Instruments, Control Systems, HMI SCADA, Historian and MES.

Electrical Distribution


our expertise in energy management, offers solutions to help customers make energy safer, more reliable, efficient and productive. In this area, you'll find our extensive services of electrical solution for the distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems in low voltage environments.

Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solution 


Help customers efficiently manage their remote operations and assets spread across a wide geographical area while transforming field data into business insights to improve safety, enhance operations and maximise ROI

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