Thailand Feed Mills Industry Process Automation System

When we are talking about Thailand Feed Mills factory, our perception would be that their factories are old, manually operated and labor intensive, which is somehow, contrast with the real case.

In facts, those factories belong to some massive group of companies. Their revenues and production capacities are far more higher than we can expected.

They are not hesitated to Invest in ERP system and IT infrastructure to improve their Business Process Efficiency and to provide better Production Planning, Inventory Management and Work in Progress also including Recipe and Work Order Management.

Some of them, invest to Modernize their production facilities by employing new Process Automation System or upgrade their existing Process Automation System. As a result, they can significantly improve efficiency of productions. In one of our client cases, they can increase production capacity by 30% from only upgrading the Process Automation System in their existing operating facilities.

However, there is another massive potential benefit to seamlessly and in real time synchronize information between Process Automation System and ERP. This will reduce numbers of repetitive paper works, reduce human errors, lower waiting time and enable better planning. For example, Recipe and Work Order from ERP can be transferred directly and real time to Process Automation System, plant operators can then pick and choose Recipe and Work Order from within the Process Automation System to start production, once each job completed, production information, materials usage, inventory, work in progress and Batch report will be transferred back to ERP immediately and automatically. So, Production Tracking and Tracing and Monitoring of Production Performance will also be available.

Availability of information from the Feed Mills production plants to ERP in Business Levels and vice versa can unlock operations capabilities and could bring even more benefits but how to get the information from measuring devices, events and actions through PLC, SCADA, MES and integrate with ERP is challenging.

The numbers of capable System Integrators who understand both Process Automation System and Feed Mills Manufacturing are also very limited. Selection of the right Process Automation Software can help reduction of the total project cost, resource and project delivery time. And knowledge in Feed Mills Manufacturing will ensure the clients will capture the most benefits out of the investment.

InControl is a System Integrator, also capable in Feed Mills Manufacturing & Process Automation System including PLC, SCADA, MES and ERP integration. We have some proven successful projects with some leading Group of Companies in the Feed Mills Industry. Please find some example screens from some of our projects.

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